Launched in 2013, Selin Kent’s fine jewelry collection is characterized by clean lines, architectural forms and casual elegance. A refined yet playful sensibility results in pieces that are understated, edgy and sophisticated. The versatile line consists of both "go-to" staples as well as future heirlooms.

Modular stacking options are explored, such as rings that fit into each other like puzzle pieces. Elegance and balance in design is achieved through a careful study and application of geometry and proportion. Each piece is crafted in New York using responsibly sourced precious metals and stones, ensuring a commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship.

Based in New York, Selin originally hails from Istanbul, Turkey. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources including modern architecture, geometric compositions and patterns and Danish design, she takes a ‘less is more’ approach to design.

Selin Kent jewelry is available at a select group of retailers across the United States and worldwide, in locations as varied as Istanbul, Los Angeles, London, Paris, New York and Tokyo.